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Malouf on the Plaza has been dream between my wife, Karen, and I since I first proposed to her in 1981. While we did not get to realize this dream immediately, life blessed us exponentially in many ways. We worked tirelessly at our careers and Karen developed a highly successful interior design firm while I expanded a luxury fashion retail business in Texas for a period of over 40 years. While we are immensely proud of what we have accomplished, when Packard’s made the decision to retire from their spot on the Plaza in Santa Fe we understood it as our opportunity to bring our nearly lifelong dream to fruition. We sprang into action in order to finally make Malouf on the Plaza our dream come true.

While we always dreamed of Malouf on the Plaza, we wanted to honor all of the work that Packard’s had done and as such we were determined to maintain the most vital elements of the business. We retained many of the knowledgeable and experienced staff, the talented regional and national jewelry designers and the impeccable Navajo rugs. Of course we plan to add our own personal touches to the place with some interior changes. We are confident that all of our changes are positive and that they align ultimately with our vision of an extraordinary Malouf on the Plaza.

One of the reasons we coveted a spot in Santa Fe for so long is the city’s illustrious history of world-class retail. We are committed to working diligently in order to uphold this world-class retail experience and to maintain the local flavor and style. In addition to preserving the local flavor and style, we aspire to create a desire for our own interpretation of style including national and international designs in jewelry, fashion apparel, home furnishings and unique gifts. It is our mission to provide an outstanding and exceptional shopping experience at Malouf on the Plaza. The Malouf on the Plaza shopping experience begins visually with the stunning environment. Upon entering our store, you are greeted by friendly, professional staff that welcome you into a warm environment.

We cordially invite you to take part in our professional and personal progress. With each subsequent visit to Malouf on the Plaza you will surely be delighted by fresh new items, all of which are rooted deeply in traditions and provided to you with the highest standard in excellent service.