Vintage Cow Bolo Tie


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Cow Bolo Tie by Zuni Artists

Whether you are a fan of cows or not, you can appreciate this amazing Cow Bolo Tie by Zuni masters Helen and Lincoln Zunie. This bolo tie is expertly inlaid of spiny oyster, white mother of pearl, turquoise and jet. With careful detail, even the cow’s bridle is inlaid of turquoise. Best of all is the cow’s eye, which has an unbelievable degree of realism. You can always recognize that heavy twist wire border of a Zunie bolo tie, if you notice the bull the twist wire makes a lasso.  This bolo tie is a must have for any Zuni collector and dates back to the 1970’s.

The bolo tie slide measures 2 ½” inches long by 3” inches wide. The leather braided cord with silver tips is 18” inches long.

Native American Artist: Helen & Lincoln Zunie

Known around the world for their work, Zuni people have traditionally used small stone carvings of animal figures as power objects and mediators. The body of the fetish can be shaped of bone, shell, clay, stone or other materials. The polished and carved stones can be found in the shape of eagles, bears, mountain lions, wolves, rabbits, fish, badgers, snakes, falcons and corn maidens, among others.

Zuni artists Helen & Lincoln Zunie made this channel inlay style buckle legendary and if you are a collector, or even just a lover of Indian arts, you will love these pieces.. We don’t believe Lincoln is making art anymore because of age. These are must haves for your Zuni inlay art collection. Each is hallmarked H-L ZUNIE and will look incredible dressed up or down.