Sugilite Inlay Cuff


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Sugilite Cuff

Deep purple sugilite, inlaid into an intricate sterling silver cuff, handmade by Danny Stewart. Cuff measures 5 inches long, with a width of 5/8 inch and an opening of 1 inch.


Sugilite was discovered in 1944 on Iwagi Islet in Southwestern Japan. These tiny, yellow crystals had no gem value. In 1955, some dark-pink prismatic crystals were found in central India’. However, this material was not cuttable. In 1975, a thin seam of sugilite was found in a core-drill sample from a manganese mine near Hotazel, South Africa. This material had enough manganese content to give it the deep purple coloring the gem is famous for. The deposit was small but significant because it was the first source of gem-quality sugilite.

New Mexico Artist: Danny Stewart

Having such a wide range of skills and many years experience allows New Mexico artist Danny Stewart the luxury to remain true to the vision, rather than limited by a narrow range of abilities.

Stewart has won blue ribbons in every competition he has entered including First Place in the 2000 New Mexico Jewelers Association ‘All That Glitters’ – Silver Jewelry Design competition which was displayed at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.