Glass Bead Rope Necklace


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Glass Bead Rope Necklace

Assorted Bead ‘Rope of Glass’ Necklace by Leslie Ossentjuk. This necklace features a beaded pattern of ‘Diamonds in Flux’ with a turquoise and teal color story.  This infinity necklace measures 44″.

Santa Fe Artist: Leslie Ossentjuk

In high school, Leslie Ossentjuk was introduced to silversmithing techniques, and her penchant for working in small detail was reinforced by hours of contented benchwork. Eventually, after majoring in Studio Art in college, she attained certification as a diamond expert from the Gemological Institute. Soon, Leslie was designing jewelry in Beverly Hills and North Hollywood. She learned intuitively to match designs with a client’s taste. Working to scale, drawing each facet and prong came naturally. For her, there is an undeniable attraction to achieving meticulous detail when it comes to creating jewelry and art.

Leslie is at her best when small motor skills, and eye-hand coordination, combine to achieve artistic results. These are the very factors which lead her to the tactile and rhythmic work of micro beading. Her work is a reinterpretation of a craft that is often characterized by garish colors and glittering decoration popular outside North America. Her original bead designs are inspired by patterns in nature, and motifs from the American Southwest. She strives to use pleasing combinations of colors and texture when selecting beads. Metallic and ceramic finishes offer interest and variation in the the patterns she creates. The intricate textile application of her beadwork transforms the materials into flexible, wearable ropes of glass.