Turquoise Cluster Cuff


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Pilot Mountain Turquoise Cuff

Pilto Mountain Turquoise Cuff designed by Kevin Randall. This beautiful cluster cuff measures 2 inches W  and 5.5 inches end-to-end 1inch opening.

Pilot Mountain Turquoise

The Pilot Mountain Turquoise Mine is located in western Nevada. It first began as a copper mine but as soon at turquoise was discovered there, copper mining ceased. Pilot Mountain Turquoise is one of the gem mines made famous for its extremely rare ability to form dendrites (manganese plant fossil replacements) in the Turquoise. The mine also produces very high-grade spiderweb stones, with interesting web matrix patterns that include red, brown, and black colors.

Santa Fe Artist: Kevin Randall

From design concept and choice of gemstone through glittering execution, the work of Santa Fe artist Kevin Randall clearly stands apart from the rest.

A Kevin Randall designed piece of jewelry is one that has evolved from Native American influences and reflects the traditional Navajo designs typically produced from 1860 -1930. An impassioned jewelry creator since 1973, Randall started out by taking a course on silver-smithing, learning from his Native American co-workers and earning his place as a highly dedicated craftsman.