5mm Oxidized Sterling Silver Beaded 20″ Necklace


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5mm Oxidized Sterling Silver Beaded 20″ Necklace

5mm Oxidized Sterling Silver Beaded 20″ Necklace: Each bead is hand finished in the best traditions of Navajo pearls. The necklaces is 20″ inches long. Hand polished sterling silver beads  made exclusively for Malouf on the Plaza.

Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling silver has always been a popular choice for jewelry because of the metal’s sparkling beauty and versatility. Since the dawn of civilization, men and women have been captivated by silver’s spell and splendor. Throughout the ages this mystical white metal has been used to mark historical milestones, celebrations, achievements and special occasions.

No one knows with certainty when the first silver gift was bestowed. But as early as 3,100 B.C., ambassadors from Crete were already bringing silver vases as gifts for Egyptian rulers. The metal’s popularity has even influenced our languages and customs. A silver spoon has symbolized great fortune and privilege since the 17th century when the Spanish writer Cervantes cleverly acknowledged that not everyone was born with one in his mouth. The tradition of the “silver anniversary” dates back to Germany where it was customary to present a silver wreath to a woman after 25 years of marriage.