Grey Keshi Pearl Bracelet


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Grey Keshi Pearl Bracelet

Grey Keshi Pearl Bracelet designed by Scott Malouf and made by Gilda Meyer Niehof. This elegant bracelet features grey keshi pearls with sterling silver beads in between each large pearl. The bracelet is 8.5″ inches long and perfect to dress up or down.

Keshi Pearls

Keshi pearls are small non-nucleated pearls typically formed as by-products of pearl cultivation. A Japanese word also meaning “poppy” (ケシ, 芥子), it is used in Japanese for all pearls that grew without a nucleus. Originally, keshi pearls referred to those pearls formed when a bead nucleus was rejected. More recently, keshi has been used to refer to second harvest pearls and even to freshwater non-nucleated pearls. However the later usage referring to freshwater pearls is considered erroneous by many leading gem trade associations.[1][dead link] Because they have no nucleus, keshi pearls are composed entirely of nacre.