Sterling Silver Flax Collar with 18k Gold Strands


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Silver Collar Flax Necklace

Designed by renowned Santa Fe jewelry artist Mark Humenick, this Sterling Silver Collar features several strands of 18k gold. Incorporating both ancient and contemporary techniques, Humenick created a stunning design with this elegant Silver Collar.

Using a sterling silver that is a special tarnish-resistant alloy means no polishing will be necessary.

Sterling silver has always been a popular choice for jewelry because of the metal’s sparkling beauty and versatility. Since the dawn of civilization, men and women have been captivated by silver’s spell and splendor. Throughout the ages this mystical white metal has been used to mark historical milestones, celebrations, achievements and special occasions.

This Silver Collar measures 18″ around the interior and 21 1/2″ around the exterior and is hinged in eight places to allow for a comfortable and secure fit.

Santa Fe Artist: Mark Humenick

Mark Humenick

While earning his Master’s Degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Mark Humenick’s work was accepted in his first international juried jewelry show in Munich, Germany. He has worked for Fred Joaillier (Paris), Tiffany & Co., and The Lester Rutledge Collection.

Humenick’s work has appeared in Jeweler’s Circular Keystone and International Jeweler. Humenick developed his own series of 18k gold and colored stoens, which led to art jewelry representation in galleries across the US. This led Humenick and his wife, Susan (a gemologist) to relocate to Santa Fe and launch Studio Humenick. Each piece is unique and hand made. The design focus is based upon the highly reflective quality of silver, the warmth of gold, and the natural colors of gemstones.

Sometimes the metal moves where IT wants to go, says Humenick.

That’s fine. It works. It’s all about moving metal. Humenick’s work incorporates both ancient and contemporary techniques. All the precious metals used are reclaimed/recycled. The sterling used is a special tarnish-resistant alloy, gemstones are natural and ethically sourced, diamonds are conflict free and the turquoise is sourced from the US.