Black Ostrich Skin Cuff with Turquoise


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Black Ostrich Skin Cuff with Turquoise

Black Ostrich Skin, Sterling Silver and Nevada Turquoise Lace-up Cuff by Matthew Herring. This cuff features leather edge stitching with an oval green turquoise stone, rope trim and leather cord cinch. It measures 2″ x 6.5″

Artist: Matthew Herring

Matthew Herring has been designing and crafting leather goods and jewelry since 2014. His journey in silversmithing has involved a combination of self-teaching and apprenticeships in the Southwest. He enjoys working creatively with old-world techniques on modern concepts. This allows him to create uniquely rugged and organic themes in contemporary jewelry.

I’ve been designing and creating leather goods since 2014. I draw inspiration from the minimalistic beauty of natural landscapes & wildlife, the dapper style of prohibition-era outlaws, and the rugged stoicism of Spaghetti Western protagonists. I create every piece by hand, from cut to stitch, without the use of machines. My signature Hallett Peak Stitch, which is part of a patent pending design, plays a major role in setting my work apart.”

— Matthew Herring