Bluebird Necklace Made with Sapphires & Rubies


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Bluebird Necklace

This elegant Bluebird Necklace with Sapphires & Rubies on 18k Gold Chain is handmade by Nayla Shami. The bird measures 1-1/2 inches from wing to wing. The chain has two clasp options to be either be 14 or 16 inches long.

Regional Artist: Nayla Shami Nayla-Shami

Born in Lebanon, Nayla Shami was raised on the shores of the Mediterranean. The influence of the natural environment: the clear blue water and the cool palette of the beaches are evident in each unique piece of Shami’s jewelry. Shami likes to primarily think of the…

Mediterranean Sea and the sun that makes it sparkle like a gem”

…as she chooses many of her precious and semi-precious stones. Today, blue skies and stunning West Texas sunsets mingle with these formative influences. Shami designs and handcrafts most of her pieces from her bench in Lubbock, Texas. A world away in Beirut, Lebanon, some of her designs are bench-made by talented jewelers whose artistry is founded upon generations of artisans famous for their attention to detail and quality in metalworking and stone setting.

Chosen personally by Shami they work closely with her in their studios to achieve her vision. Wrought with metals and gemstones of the highest grades, Shami’s pieces are crafted to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime.