5 Stone Pixie Turquoise Cuff


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5 Stone Pixie Turquoise Cuff

5 Stone Pixie Turquoise Cuff made by local Santa Fe artist Scott Diffrient. This striking cuff features natural Pixie turquoise set in sterling silver. The cuff is 1/2 of an inch wide and size 6.25 but can be ordered in any size on request for an additional charge.

Pixie Turquoise

The Pixie Turquoise Mine is in the Crescent Valley area of Nevada, near the Fox, Orville Jack, and Carico Lake mines. All these mines yield a green turquoise as well as other colors. The Pixie mine hasn’t been worked until recently, sitting untouched for twenty years. Pixie turquoise is yellow to mossy green and also occurs in some blues. A gold mining company owns the claim to these mines, and eventually they will all be swallowed up by the gold mining operation, therefore, Pixie turquoise is quite collectible. The original Pixie mine was mine by Doc Ingersol and another friend in the Bullion District of Lander County near the Indian creek in the Cresent Valley, Nevada area . The mine produced a very small turquoise.

Santa Fe Artist: Scott Diffrient

scottdiffScott Diffrient is a contemporary artist who is willing to invest the time and precision necessary to produce fine works of art. His jewelry is influenced by his love of ancient cultures. His designs are reminiscent of ancient architecture.

From his light filled studio in Galisteo, Diffrient works with rough stones of high quality, predominately North American natural turquoise, as well as stones from around the world, such as sugilite, coral, jade, lapis, lazuli, and more. The Southwest has provided a constant source of inspiration for Diffrient’s “modern artifacts”. His rings, bracelets, earrings, belt buckles, cuff links and necklaces reside in collections of bead and jewelry enthusiasts across the country and are prized as treasured personal adornments, as well as highly valued collectibles.

His artistry, influenced by his love of ancient cultures, imparts an ancient charismatic power to each piece.