Historiador/ 1519


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Historiador/ 1519

San Cristóbal de La Habana was founded on the 16th November 1519. Today, the city is better known as Havana, the capital of Cuba, a place synonymous with fine cigars, rum and glamorous cars from a bygone age. In 2019, Havana celebrated its 500th anniversary (1519-2019, the Historiador 1519 marks this significant landmark in Cuba’s rich and vibrant history.

Cuervo y Sobrinos

Founded in 1882, Cuervo y Sobrinos has a prodigious history, enriched with many significant milestones along the way. By having a long history, there is an inference that a company possesses expertise and certainly over the coming pages there are many examples of the Maison’s virtuosity.

However, while Cuervo y Sobrinos is proud of its past, it chooses to wholeheartedly embrace the future with magnificent watches that engender desire and confer lasting joy. Indeed, it is the company’s belief that its best years are yet to come.