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Dian Malouf: Virgin of Guadalupe Earrings


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Virgin of Guadalupe Earrings

Virgin of Guadalupe Earrings made by Dian Malouf. This pair of clip on earrings feature sterling silver our Lady of Guadalupe in a rectangular frame. The earrings measure 1 1/4″ inch long by 3/4″ of an inch wide.

Dian Malouf is known for her bold statement pieces. Each piece of jewelry is made one‐at‐a‐time and never mass produced. Dian is very proud of the fact that all of her pieces of jewelry are made in the USA. She says

“I have kept my products made in the USA because I love our country and its people.”

National Artist: Dian MaloufDianMaloufPortrait_large

A visionary who has spent her life searching the globe for unusual objects, Dian Malouf is a nationally recognized jewelry designer, published author, mother and obsessive measurer of electromagnetic fields. Known for bold silver and gold jewelry enlivened by diamonds and vivid semiprecious stones, Dian Malouf is one of the few fine jewelry designers whose work is instantly recognizable as hers alone. Dian has designed over 10,000 pieces since the first silver dome ring that she made for herself launched the business by popular demand in 1986, and many are one-of-a-kind pieces prized by collectors. Dian frequently incorporates her passion for environmental causes, and political and social themes into her designs.