Silver and Gold Cross Pendant Necklace


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Silver and Gold Cross Pendant Necklace

24kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Necklace from the ‘Cross Collection’ By Gurhan. This necklace features a hand hammered 24kt yellow gold cross with sterling silver trim on a silver chain. This pendant measures 22 1/2 x 15 1/2 mm and is 18 inches.

International Artist: Gurhangurhan

In recent years, Gurhan has added pure platinum and pure silver to his repertoire, creating for his followers options in white metal and at different price points.  Also known for his distinctive aesthetic, Gurhan designs feature the evidence that every piece is painstakingly hand-made from scratch. The hand hammering and natural imperfections resulting from the handcrafting are regarded as Gurhan’s fingerprints on his jewelry.

Transcending time and trends, Gurhan jewelry has the transformative power to make a woman feel more beautiful. An award-winning master goldsmith, Gurhan’s passion for pure gold is born out of his creative approach to the medium, personally designing every piece.