Boulder Opal and Tsavorite Gold Cuff


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Boulder Opal and Tsavorite Gold Cuff


This fabulous Boulder Opal and Tsavorite Gold Cuff Bracelet is handmade by Jennifer Kalled. The two stunning boulder opal stones are breathtaking and set in 22 karat yellow gold bezels accented by a tsavorite garnet. The cuff measures 5.5 inches x 1 1/8 inch with a 1-inch opening.


Kalled’s passionate exploration of the human experience leaves its mark in every piece she has produced, regardless of the time period. At times it seeps through in a soft trickle, while at others, like a geyser, it bursts forth, uncompromising, shamelessly human, and incurably infectious.

Struggling for perfection in art is as ludicrous as struggling for perfection in life. How pretentious we are, to think we know exactly what is perfect. We limit our lives exponentially with the misperception that we are the only ones bringing our gifts to the table, orchestrating the whole production. You really must let the gifts of whatever medium you are participating with reveal themselves to you, and that will only happen when you are giving that medium the liberty to do the unexpected.

National Designer: Jennifer Kalled JKALLAD

Jennifer Kalled’s jewelry is profoundly reflective of the artist who creates it. It is, in every sense, gracefully defiant, unapologetically bold and relentlessly exploratory.

Kalled has been designing jewelry since she first learned her craft in Arizona in the mid-70’s. Her love of colored stone came out of her Southwestern experience. Her naturally acute sense of color finds expression in the unique and vibrant combinations, which are the hallmark of her work.

Kalled’s designs have an archetypal quality with strong feminine appeal. Her jewelry has been featured in Lapidary Journal and has appeared in Colored Stone and Modern Jewelry magazines.

Kalled challenges individuals to defy the boundaries that inform their self-perception. She crafts jewelry that dares you to wear it; then gives you the permission to be daring.