Silver Paloma Collar Necklace with Turquoise


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Silver Paloma Collar Necklace

Silver Paloma Collar Necklace with Turquoise from Matl, designs created by Matilde Poulat. Poulat began creating jewelry in 1934 in Taxco, Mexico and her design style was both uniquely baroque and intricate. This necklace features 18 palomas, silver doves, above  18 silver stations with turquoise stones and dangles and six stones of labradorite and four turquoise on the clasp. The collar necklace measure 17″ around where the doves lie.

International Artist: Matilde “Matl” Poulat

Educated as an artist and designer, Matilde Poulat, known by “Matl”, turned her talented hands to jewelry making a 1934. “Matl” is the signature on her jewelry – a combination of her name and the Aztec word “atl”, meaning water.

Her pieces are unique baroque forms with delicate texture detailing repousse work with hand chasing. The pieces are often channel set with a multitude of tiny coral and turquoise stones and feature her signature palomas (doves) in the design.

In art school Poulat befriended Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo become a collector of Poulat’s jewelry. Poulat’s work is the most famous and intricate that the Mexican Silver Renaissance has ever produced.

Poulat trained her nephew, Ricardo Salas, as a jeweler and they worked side by side for years. After her death in 1960, he continued to run the shop and create pieces in the Matl style. Today, Omar Gabriel Tadeo Juárez, fourth generation in the Poulat family, continues the Matl jewelry-making tradition.