Shinola: Vinton 38mm

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VINTON 38MM. The Vinton, named after a neo-classical building in Detroit’s Financial District, effortlessly exudes modern sophistication. Designed with a silhouette that flows together seamlessly—from the dial to the case to the bracelet—this timepiece embodies a captivating casual style and comfortably fits on the wrist. Featuring a light pink sandblasted dial, engravable caseback and a three-link stainless steel bracelet, this 38mm Vinton is a timeless classic that you’ll never want to leave home without. From work to errands to a night out with friends—with the Vinton, the possibilities are endless.

Shinola Detroit

In the fall of 2011, Shinola was built with the belief that products should be built to last, and they should be built right here in America. Based in Detroit, Shinola makes modern handcrafted watches, bicycles, leather goods and journals. Shinola timepieces are built by hand, including full assembly of the Argonite movements that power the watches. Shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft, and the beauty of industry.

To build the first handmade watch in Detroit, Shinola had to build the first watch factory in Detroit. The production line is among the most modern in the world, and the factory adheres to Swiss quality standards. Everything is done by hand, from building their own movements to final assembly. Shinola chose Detroit because it knows how to make things, and has made them well for more than a century. They believe that if they can build watches in Detroit, they can build anything there.