Handmade Navajo Mokume Gane Beaded Necklace


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Mokume Gane Silver Gold Navajo Pearl Necklace

Mokume Gane Silver Gold Navajo Pearl Necklace handmade by Navajo artist Al Joe. The mokume gane technique is one of the hardest to master and Al Joe has done just that. The blending of gold and silver to create a wood grain motif is incredible. The necklace measures 18″ inches long.


Native American Artist: Al Joe

An award-winning Navajo artist who works in silver and gold, Al Joe is known for his painstaking precision and graceful designs.

Joe often incorporates stones into his pieces such aAl_joes lapis, coral or older turquoise stones from the Lander, Bisbee, Morenci, or Indian Mountain mines. As with many artists, it was a family connection that played a strong influence in Joe’s artistic development.

Joe’s evolution as a jeweler was unexpected as he, at one time, didn’t realize he

“had an artist inside.”

It has been a dedicated experience of very hard work to bring out his artistic talents. He believes some artists are naturally talented but is not hesitant to advise younger artists that there is sometimes an artist hidden inside that can take time and hard work to bring out.