Pipestone Multi Strand Necklace


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Pipestone Multi Strand Necklace

Ten Strand Pipestone with Assorted Stone Bead Necklace by Colina Yazzie. Colina has created a striped effect in these strands by alternating the pipestone with heishi shell and sprinkling other colored stones into the strands. The necklace measures 26″ with sterling silver cones and closure.

Native American Artist: Colina Yazzie

Colina Yazzie was born in 1959 and grew up in the Steamboat area of Northern Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. She is a member of the Totsohnii Clan. She and her husband Raymond both make jewelry as well as run a gallery in Gallup, New Mexico. Describing her creative process, Colina says, “I am the artist who puts a lot of heart into making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I use strands of beads which are ready to be made into jewelry. The beads I select are exceptional to me such as coral, turquoise, lapis, onyx, shell and other precious gem beads. To build the pieces with balance and beauty, it takes hours of concentration selecting beads that will bring special accent to it and the finished ends that will compliment the piece.” Colina has been perfecting her jewelry making since 2000.