Concho Style Turquoise Bracelet


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Turquoise Concho Bracelet

Turquoise Concho Bracelet handmade by Alonzo John. This beautiful bracelet feature five conchos with turquoise set in sterling silver.  The bracelet 1/4 inch wide and adjusts from 7.5 to 8.5 inches.

Native American Artist: Alonzo John

Alonzo John is a Navajo artist and silversmith. He’s been making art since 1995.

He has a strong Native art background.  Alonzo grew up watching his mother and grandmother weave rugs and his father make jewelry and beadwork.  Alonzo’s involvement in art began at an early age with direct influence from his Dine culture, as well as noteworthy artists who have inspired his work in photography, leatherwork, woodwork, beadwork and silversmithing throughout his life.

Primarily a silversmith and beadwork artist today, he incorporates his feelings of culture, heritage and tradition in his work.  Alonzo also works to convey the customs and lifestyles of the Native people to both natives and non-natives with his contemporary and traditional art.

He spends much of his time making jewelry from semi-precious stones like lapis, abalone, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, coral, and other gemstones, as well as seed beads and sterling silver.  He has developed a unique talent and style for beadwork that only he and his family make by hand in the Southwest.

Alonzo has exhibited and sold his art at a number of expositions and art shows including the Santa Fe Indian Market, Santa Fe, Navajo Fair and Gathering of Nations; New Mexico, Arizona, CA Indian Museum and various other locations outside the Southwest.