Southwestern Silver Overlay Cuff


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Southwestern Silver Overlay Cuff

Sterling Silver Overlay Southwestern Motif Cuff.  This cuff features a silver overlay technique with a center sun, mountain goats and southwestern detail. It measures 5.5 inches x 7/8 inch with a 1-inch gap.


Hopi Native American Jewelry

Known as the “Peaceful Ones,” the Hopi Indians have made the American Southwest their home for hundreds of years and their jewelry illustrates the rich and spiritual history of their culture. The Hopi use symbols in their art such as bear paws and eagle feathers to provide spiritual protection and encouragement.

Hopi Symbol Meanings:

Bears: Physical strength, leadership
Bear paw: Inner strength
Feathers: Prayers, creativity
Kokopelli: Fertility
Eagle: Carrier of prayers
Buffalo: Peace
Dream catcher: Catches bad dreams
Arrowhead: Adventure
Square Spiral: Earth
Waves: Water
Triangles: Mountains