Turquoise Storyteller Bolo


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Turquoise Storyteller Bolo

Oxidized Sterling Silver and Blue Gem Turquoise Storyteller Bolo By Artist Joseph Coriz. This bolo features sterling silver overlay of an ‘Abundant Harvest’ featuring animals, water waves, lightening bolts, a swirl, and 14kt yellow gold dot beads with a leather bolo cord and sterling silver tube tips. This bolo measures 3 1/2 inches x 3 inches.

Native American Artist: Joseph Coriz

Joseph Coriz

Joseph Coriz is a self-taught silversmith and jewelry artist from the Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico. Coriz has been creating traditional Native American jewelry for the nearly two decades.

A draftsman for 23 years, Coriz decided he wanted something different for himself; something meaningful. Through jewelry making Coriz realized he could tell his grandfather’s story, the story of his heritage, and create something meaningful. Working with the highest quality coral and turquoise in all of his pieces, each one-of-a-kind necklace and bracelet brings to life the rich history of his Native American culture.

Known also for his sterling silver overlay design where he incorporates traditional symbols and patterns. Coriz has built a reputation as Native American and Southwestern jewelry design.