Friendship Dangle Earrings


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Friendship Dangle Earrings

Friendship Dangle Earrings handmade by the fabulous Anderson Koinva. This beautiful pair of earrings feature the design for friendship. The earrings are 1 1/4″ inch long.

Hopi Native American Jewelry

Known as the “Peaceful Ones,” the Hopi Indians have made the American Southwest their home for hundreds of years and their jewelry illustrates the rich and spiritual history of their culture. The Hopi use symbols in their art such as bear paws and eagle feathers to provide spiritual protection and encouragement.

Hopi Symbol Meanings:

Bears: Physical strength, leadership
Bear paw: Inner strength
Feathers: Prayers, creativity
Kokopelli: Fertility
Eagle: Carrier of prayers
Buffalo: Peace
Dream catcher: Catches bad dreams
Arrowhead: Adventure
Square Spiral: Earth
Waves: Water
Triangles: Mountains

Native American Artist: Anderson Koinva

Anderson KoinvaAnderson Koinva was born in March 1956 in his home in Shungopavi Village, Second Mesa, Arizona. His wife is Berna Dawahoya; they have one son, Bo; and one daughter, Audreyal. Anderson grew up on the Hopi reservation and was incredibly talented at a very young age. He participated in the Hopi ceremonies and started carving Kachina dolls at the age of eight years old. Anderson comes from a large family of fourteen (he was number five) and was interestingly the last born inside his home in the Shungopavi Village. Anderson and Berna married in 1981. His wife Berna is the daughter of Bernard Dawahoya (deceased), who was the master silversmith on the Hopi reservation.

Anderson worked and learned Hopi over-lay jewelry from Berna’s father (Bernard). Anderson has mastered Bernard’s technique and will carry on the boldness of his designs, in honor of his father-in-law. Anderson belongs to the Sun Forehead Clan, so he uses the Sun Forehead symbol with a snake along the bottom. Or he will use his name “Anderson