Turquoise Concho Belt


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Royston Turquoise Concho Belt

Royston Turquoise Concho Belt handmade by Thomas Jim. This remarkable concho belt features stunning royston turquoise surrounded by sterling silver. Each of the 9 concho slides measures 3″ inches by 2″ inches and the buckle measures 4″ inches by 2 1/2″ inches. The total length of the belt is 42″ inches long.

Royston Turquoise

Royston is a district in Nevada consisting of three turquoise mines: Bunker Hill, Oscar Wehrend, and the main producer, The Royal Blue. Royston is known for its beautiful colors ranging from deep green to rich, light blues which are set off by a heavy brown matrix. The Royston mine is producing a little high grade turquoise today, operated by the Ottison family. They process most of their material into finished cabs and allow very little rough to come onto the market. This controlled output has raised the price of this material considerably in recent years.

Thomas Jim

Self-taught Navajo artist, Thomas Jim, is renowned for his concho belts, bolas, belt buckles and squash blossoms. He was raised by his grandfather, but he was not taught by him as his grandfather preferred to be alone when he worked. He has also carved a reputation for quality of design and detail in his stunning jewelry boxes. And although he is well known for his silver, Jim also enjoys working with 14-karat gold and often combines the two metals in his pieces.

Thomas Jim is also a master at incorporating turquoise and coral into his work. “The challenge is to work around the stone,” says Jim, noting that each stone has its own personality. Jim’s style is flexible and he is adept at both contemporary and traditional design.

Thomas Jim has won numerous blue ribbons including the prestigious Best of Jewelry at Gallup’s Intertribal Ceremonial.