Turquoise Inlay Pocket Buck Knife


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Turquoise Inlay Pocket Buck Knife

Sterling Silver, Kingman Turquoise, Wild Horse Magnesite Inlay Buck Knife by Artist Stewar Yellowhorse. This 503 Buck knife features inlay with Kingman Web Turquoise and Wild Horse Magnesite while the reverse side is all Wild Horse Magnesite. This knife measures 3 3/8 inches x 3/4 inches.

Native American Artist: Stewart Yellowhorse

Stewart YellowhorseStewart  Yellowhorse is part Irish and part Navajo. He was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation and comes from a large family of artists and traders. Being raised in the 1960’s and working in the family business, Chief  Yellowhorse Trading Post, Stewart  Yellowhorse gained valuable experience and knowledge about silver-smithing, jewelry design and stone cutting. Yellowhorse has been designing and creating custom silver work with inlaid stones for over 30 years. Each piece he crafts is with the thought of making an heirloom piece to be enjoyed for years to come.