1904 Indian Head Penny Money Clip


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1904 Indian Head Penny Money Clip

Oxidized Sterling Silver, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Mediterranean Coral and a 1904 Indian Head Penny Money Clip by Artist Tony Chino.  This money clip features a sterling silver bezel set 1904 Indian Head Penny with 3 bezel set teardrop Sleeping Beauty cabochons and 3 small Mediterranean Coral cabochons. This money clip measures 2 inches x 1 inch.

History of Native American Jewelry

Native American Jewelry has a unique past. Knowing that story is the key to understanding the Indian jewelry styles of today. Native Americans started making silver jewelry in the late 1800’s when the Spaniards came, making jewelry, ornaments for their horses and trinkets for barter. But jewelry made before this time provided the foundation for their own style. Although the tribes and their styles vary, some common themes persist. There is significant evidence of beaded turquoise jewelry. Turquoise and shell, paired with feathers would be strung and hung from every place possible. Yarn, leather, and sinew were woven into patterns and incorporated into necklaces, bracelets and clothing with the stones and shell.
Gold and Silver were worked by the Native peoples of Mexico and Central America since the time of the Aztec, so its possible Native American tribes living in the southwest region could be aware of metal working in some way much earlier than the Spanish arrival. It is even difficult to put a date on just when the Native Americans started making silver jewelry after the Spanish arrival.