Handmade Johnny Cash Inlay Pendant


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Handmade Johnny Cash Inlay Pendant

Handmade Johnny Cash Inlay Pendant by the amazing Calvin Desson. This striking pendant features hand cut stones to create the portrait of Johnny Cash. Desson uses turquoise, lapis, jet, and green adventurine. The pendant is 3″ inches long by 2 1/4″ inch wide.

Calvin Desson:

Navajo lapidary artist Calvin Desson is from the Lupton area on the Navajo Reservation. Calvin began making jewelry when he started working for the Yellowhorse Trading Post in Lupton, Arizona. He began working on his own in 2004. He is known for his patterns in inlay and micro-inlay. Calvin creates inlay scenes from what he knows: Life on the Navajo Reservation. Only the finest materials are used in his one of a kind jewelry.

“I have lots of drawings. So I will take pieces from my drawings and sketch what I am going to make. The sketch will be the size of the piece so next I will make the silver. After that I get the stones I am going to use and start to cut them down, using a mini-blade. That is the process until I get the shape I want.