Inlay Silver Bead Necklace with Naja


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Inlay Silver Bead Necklace with Naja

Sterling Silver, Mediterranean Coral, and Turquoise Inlay Bead Necklace with Naja by Artist Tim Yazzie. This necklace features sterling silver Navajo Pearls inlayed with Mediterranean Coral with a sterling silver overlay and cobble inlay Naja. The Naja measures 2inches x 3inches and is 22 inches.

Artist: Tim Yazzie

Tim Yazzie is a Navajo, San Felipe, Santo Domingo silversmith. He was taught by his maternal grandfather the traditional ways of life, their tribal history, and religion.
His maternal grandmother was a pueblo potter, and his paternal grandfather was a rug weaver and silversmith. Tim studied jewelry making with well-known native artists
to include Chalmers Day and Jimmy Harrison. Tim Yazzie combines his fine inlay and stone work with the pottery designs in his silver overlay work, making his pieces one-of-a-kind.