One Of A Kind Horse Buckle


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Silver Buckle with Turquoise Mane & Tail

Silver Buckle with Turquoise Mane & Tail handmade by local artist Adam Fierro. This striking buckle features hand stamped sterling silver and hand carved pieces of turquoise to represent a fabulous horse. The buckle measures 4 3/4″ inches long by 3 1/4″ inch wide.

Native American Artist: Adam Fierro

Adam Fierro was born in Gallup, New Mexico and is a descendant of the Santa Clara Pueblo and Mescalero Apache tribe. He started working with jewelry at the early age of six with his father and grandfather. He is a third- generation silversmith and jewelry artist. Fierro finds his inspiration from his Native American heritage and what the stone dictates. “Turquoise has a story, each and every stone,” say Fierro. “It chooses what it wants to be and I let it guide me.” His jewelry is a contemporary style with a bit of Southwestern influence and excellent craftsmanship. To own a piece of Adam Fierro’s jewelry is to own a work of art with a story unto its own.