Turquoise Cluster Ring


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Nevada Green Turquoise Ring

Nevada Green Turquoise Ring made by Zuni artist Lorraine Waatsa. The large ring measures 2-1/2″L x 1-3/4″ W. The ring is a size 7.5 but can be sized to fit for an additional charge.

Fox Turquoise

The origin of the Old Fox mine is near Lander County, Nevada. While indigenous people found large nuggets in this area in prehistoric times, the area was first discovered for contemporary mining purposes in the early 1900’s. In the 1940’s, Dowell Ward purchased & developed the old Cortez claims. Turquoise from this mine comes under several different names including Fox, White Horse, Green Tree and Smith, to differentiate the different deposits and colors and to create a larger perceived share of the turquoise market. Color range is from a soft sky blues, sometimes with a subtle water-marked matrix, to blue-green to green. While quite a bit of this material came out in nugget form, there is also large seam material, sometimes as thick as two inches. The colors in the seam material go to a deeper green, sometimes in conjunction with a very nice blue.

Zuni Artist: Lorraine Waatsa

Lorraine Waatsa is the daughter of renowned silversmith Alice Quam, who taught Lorraine traditional Zuni jewelry techniques. She has been active making jewelry since 1971. She is an award winning jeweler and specializes in cluster work and petit point jewelry.