Contemporary Navajo Weaving: 2nd Phase Chief Blanket, 59″x53″


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2nd Phase Chief Blanket

This beautiful Contemporary Navajo weaving is a “Second Phase Chief’s Blanket”. The weaver is Mike Joe. It measures 59 inches x 53 inches.

Navajo Weaving – Chief Blankets

Navajo Chief Blankets come in four phases, along with variants. Chief Blankets are constructed in a wider than long format. The First Phase Navajo Chief Blanket is simple with indigo blue stripes and white and brown natural churro wool. The Second Phase Navajo Chief Blanket has the addition of twelve boxes or rectangles laid down on a first phase chiefs blanket pattern. The second phase Navajo Chief Blankets are the next transition in Navajo aesthetics. Second Phase Blankets are also very rare but more common in comparison to the First Phase Blankets. The Third Phase Navajo Chief Blanket, for many collectors, may be the most artistic of the Chief Blankets. Composed of nine diamond or Cross formations, these blankets were made in the 1860 to 1880 time frame.