Vintage Navajo Weaving: Crystal with Water Bugs, Circa 1920’s, 7′ x 4’1″



Navajo Crystal with Water Bugs woven in the 1920’s. Size: 7 ‘x 4’1″


The Crystal style of banded rugs features a very specific difference: the “wavy” line, produced by alternating two or three different colors of weft strands.

Crystal rugs typically group three bands of wavy lines or a solid color between one or two complex bands. Generally, the complex bands are patterned with squash blossoms, but they may feature other motifs such as arrows, stars, crosses, triangles, bear paws, or diamonds.

Sometimes I usually weave all day and herd sheep and help around the house and chopping wood…It seem like every time you look up there is a jet plane.
— Eli Van Winkle, Naslini, Arizon