Harold Davidson Carved Neapolitan Bear Fetish


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Carved Neapolitan Bear

Carved Neapolitan Bear handmade by Navajo fetish carver Harold Davidson. The bear is hand carved out of alabaster and measures 5″ inches high by 7″ inches wide. Each of his pieces captures the beauty and essence of the animal and always has wonderful character. He decorates each piece with stunning colored feathers attached by colorful beads. A couple of Harold Davidson pieces around the house will surround you in beauty. Think about getting one of each animal carving, but be careful, once you start collecting Davidson’s fetishes you will not be able to stop.

Bear- respect for the cycles of nature, reminder of needed rest and rejuvenation, courage, power, good luck, healing, self-actualization.

Animal fetishes are symbolic representations of animals endowed with spiritual powers. They are the embodiment of these animal spirits and can serve as reflections into ourselves, our strength and our weaknesses. As spirit helpers and teachers, they offer themselves freely for spiritual growth, guidance and protection. The feathers and small stones or beads on their backs representing our personal culture and issues in search for meaning. We need only open our hearts to understanding the lessons they bring.


Navajo Carver: Harold Davidson

Harold DavidsonA Navajo artist recognized for his finely detailed alabaster table fetishes, Harold Davidson captures the beauty of Mother Earth in the animals he creates.  Davidson’s most common subjects are charming domestic animals: horses, sheep, goats, and quail – all in an abstract, yet winningly realistic manner. Carved in a variety of sizes, Davidson decorates each piece with radiant feathers attached by colorful beads.

Navajo fetishes represent a specific area of Navajo art and culture, often misunderstood and sometimes misrepresented. It is assumed by many that Navajo fetishes exist purely for commercial reasons, however, the tradition of fetish use by the Navajo people is to carry a fetish in a personal pollen sack or as part of a jish, the sacred bundles used by Navajo medicine people. Jish is best described as the Navajo medicine man’s equivalent to a Western doctor’s “little black bag”.  Even though all the elements of a jish are not used in every ceremony, the complete contents are required to be present at every ceremony.

Navajo people take great pride in their livestock.  Harold Davidson is one of the finest Navajo fetish carvers working today. He follows the tradition of creating the protective livestock figures, as well as the more exotic bears and bison. His carvings are beautifully executed with distinctive details wrought in pipestone and alabaster materials.