Santa Domingo Pottery Painted Fish Vase


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Santa Domingo Pottery Painted Fish Vase

Fish Pottery Vase by Santo Domingo Potter Robert Tenorio. The piece features a clay vase hand painted with fish and designs. This vase measures 7 inches x 6 inches.

Santo Domingo Kewa Artist: Robert Tenorio 

Robert Tenorio was born in 1950 into the Santo Domingo “Kewa” Pueblo. He has been working with clay since the age of 10. He was taught all the fundamentals of hand coiling pottery using ancient traditional methods from his family members.

Tenorio is one of the foremost pueblo potters. He wins ribbons regularly at Santa Fe Indian Market and other prestigious competitions. His work is among the most traditional of any potters working today. All of his pieces are hand coiled and fired outdoors with cottonwood bark. He is especially well known for creating some of the largest pieces produced by any pueblo potter. Robert has won many awards some are 1st place in Santa Fe Indian Market and Eighth Northern Arts and Craft Show.

In thinking about his distinguished career, Robert observes: “I don’t ever want to become too famous or too rich. We’re all striving for life, and pottery is bringing me and my family life. I feel I was put in this world to revive Santo Domingo pottery. And now that I’ve done that, I feel good about it. I’m content. Everybody living will go, but my pots will stay here on this earth forever.”