Zapotec Weaving 1950 Navajo


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Zapotec Weaving 1950 Navajo

This handwoven Zapotec rug was made by Pedro Gutierrez in Oaxaca Mexico with 100% Angora wool blend. It measures 5′ x 8′ and features cream, tan red and black


Zapotec Weavings & Rugs

In a world where centuries-old traditional crafts are slowly disappearing, the history and culture of the Zapotec weaversescalantes-14-ft-wide-loom-in-process of the Oaxaca Valley is alive and thriving. The history of these incredible rugs begins in the village of Teotitlan del Valle. Located roughly 20 miles from the city of Oaxaca, Teotitlan del Valle is a picturesque municipality with an extensive history. Teotitlan del Valle is generally considered to be one of the first villages to be founded by the Zapotecs around 1465. Today, this village retains it’s treasured Zapotec culture as an integral part of it’s identity.

Textiles were, and continue to be, the main economic activity in Teotitlan del Valle. The earliest Zapotec weavings were produced using cotton and ixtle and a backstrap loom. Today, Zapotec rugs are completed mainly using wool and the memory of each craftsman. When asked by the Smithsonian author Bruce Selcraig how the locals felt about continuing the tradition of weaving many said “that they see weaving not just as a family duty or a traditional obligation, but as a cherished part of their identity.”

The Weaving Process

Many of the modern Zapotec rugs are produced using wool, though it is possible for cotton, silk and other materials, to
escalante-yarns-out-to-dry-webbe used. Raw wool purchased from the market is washed then spun into yarn. Once the wool is yarn, the process of dyeing the yarn begins. Natural dyes are the most commonly used, with many of the colors deriving from plant sources. After the yarn has been dyed it is ready for the loom. Zapotecs use hand-operated looms to weave intricate and complex patterns.

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