Buffalo Concho Cufflinks

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Buffalo Concho Cuff Links

Buffalo Concho Cuff Links made by jewelry designer King Baby. This striking pair of sterling silver cufflinks feature a fabulous gold alloy buffalo. The cufflinks measure 7/8″ of an inch around.

National Artist: King Baby/Mitchell Binder

Mitchell BinderMitchell Binder believes in transforming the expected into something new and unique, bringing originality and distinctive details to artisan products. With confidence, charisma and a maverick attitude he continues to create designs that capture the spirit of America with rock n’ roll sex appeal. He believes that quality and traditions are worth their weight in gold. This is his driving promise for King Baby. In the 1970’s, when Mitchell was a teenager he moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Los Angeles. It was when music reflected a spirit of idealism and newfound freedoms. Musical artists like Hendrix, Joplin and The Dead ruled the airwaves. As Mitchell puts it “it was the ‘Summer of Love’ and my mind was officially blown.” At 15, Mitchell became a jeweler’s apprentice and shortly thereafter began designing on his own. With his trademark charismatic personality, he soon made the right contacts and quickly became the ‘go to jeweler’ for Hollywood. Officially launching King Baby in 2000, Mitchell has continued to raise the bar when it comes to design and hand crafted quality