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Sometime in the early 1500’s – 1600’s the Navajo migrated south to what is now New Mexico and Arizona. Learning from the native pueblo people they became the masters of weaving in the South West. Their blankets were highly sought after by the Plains Indians, just as they are today by collectors.With the coming of traders from the coast they started weaving rugs and a vast array of styles developed around their isolated trading post. Both blankets and rugs are woven in a traditional Navajo upright loom. Malouf on the Plaza has an extensive collection of both vintage and contemporary weavings now sought after by collectors and the individual who w ants a beautiful heirloom steeped in rich traditions and culture.

  • Contemporary and Vintage Navajo
    • Burntwater
    • Chief’s Blankets
    • Chinle
    • Ganado
    • Pictorials
    • Pine Springs/ Wide Ruins
    • Revivals
    • Sandpaintings
    • Teec Nos Pos
    • Two Grey Hills
    • Transitional