Micro Inlay Hoop Earrings


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Micro Inlay Hoop Earrings

Multi Stone Micro Inlay with Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings by Carl and Irene Clark. The tiny Yei image with a post back measures 1/2″ x 3/8″ and the silver hoop has a 1″ diameter.

Native American Artists: Carl & Irene Clark

Irene Carl ClarkThe intricate inlay of Carl and Irene Clark is both distinctive and unrivaled. The Clarks will position up to 5,000 to 6,000 stones in a single bracelet.

Carl Clark says of their work,

We specialize in microfine inlay. We keep it simple and subtle. We use silver as a framework and inlay as a picture.”

To form the stone inlay, the Clarks laminate thinly sliced sheets of turquoise, coral, sugilite, lapis, jet and other stones, and then crosscut the laminated sheets. Carl’s training as a civil engineer has proven useful in planning and implementing the delicate inlay. The Clarks frequently use the Yei symbol from their Navajo heritage. Carl primarily designs and makes the larger items such as bracelets, bolos, and buckles, while Irene designs and makes the more delicate jewelry such as earrings, rings and pendants.

The jewelry made by Irene and Carl Clark has received recognition across the United States and Europe.