3 Strand Inlay Sun Face Pendant Necklace


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3 Strand Inlay Sun Face Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver, Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Coral, Turquoise, and Mother of Pearl Three Strand Inlay Sun Face Pendant Necklace by Artist’s Raylan and Patty Edaakie. This necklace features three strand of lapis beads with offset inlay navajo pearl beads with a pendant inlayed with Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Coral with a Sun Face design. This pendant measures 2 3/4 inches and is 16 inches.

Raylan and Patty Edaakie

Raylan and Patty Edaakie are Zuni artists who create beautiful multi-stone inlay jewelry.
Designing and making jewelry for over 30 years, the Edaakies learned their trade from their parents then developed their own sense of style based closely on the traditions of their tribe. Their designs include the Corn Maiden, an important figure in the Zuni culture, along with the Sun God, rain cloud formations and other traditional symbols.

Raylan is the silversmith and Patty does the stone inlay. Together they create intricate works of art