Vintage Turquoise Concho Belt


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Vintage Turquoise Concho Belt

Oxidized Sterling Silver and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Vintage Concho Belt By Artist Robert Leekya This belt features eight sterling silver bezel set three Sleeping Beauty Turquoise nugget cabochons in the center of each Concho with silver designs around the stones on a black leather strap. The Buckle is 3 inches, each Concho is 2 1/2 inches, and is 39 inches in length.

Concho Belt

Concho belts have a long history among Native Americans. They were first recognized as being discs of metal strung on leather and were often times worn like a bandoleer across one shoulder to the opposite hip. These early belts were mostly plain silver discs of nickel, copper or sometimes silver. The earliest of the Navajo Concho belts were all silver and changed to be worn around the waist instead of over one shoulder with a added buckle to the belt for fastening. Later silversmiths started incorporating stamped designs and stones into their belts. Navajos, Zunis, Hopis and the Rio Grande Pueblos are all producers of these belts, with the Navajo producing the largest quantity.