Oval Turquoise Reversible Pendant


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Oval Turquoise Stone Pendant with Dancing Women with Lapis & Coral Stones & Opal Moon & Stars

The large Chinese turquoise stone pendant set in sterling silver, is reversible with dancing women on the backside set with lapis and coral under an opal moon and surrounded by opal stars. Designed by the renowned artist, White Buffalo, this is a rare and exquisite stone set in intricately carved silver. Two-in-one, the pendant is reversible and beautiful on the backside with lapis, coral and opals. The Chinese turquoise pendant measure 3-1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. (Hand-carved silver-bead necklace sold separately.)

There is evidence of turquoise use in China dating at least as far back as 1700 BC as evidenced by a bronze plaque with turquoise overlay from the Erlitou culture site in Menan Province displayed at the Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. Although some turquoise was mined in China in ancient times, more commonly it was acquired in trade with Mongols, Persians, and Turks. Mostly the Chinese used turquoise for carvings and other art. Jade has been the preferred stone for jewelry in Chinese culture. The Tibetians, on the other hand, have preferred turquoise to any other gemstone and virtually every Tibetian possesses some turquoise. Believed to bring good luck, it is worn set in rings and bracelets, as beads in necklaces, and as adornment directly on hats and other clothing. Domestic animals such as horses wear necklaces of felt with turquoise sewn on.

Native American Artist: White Buffalo

White Buffalo has won over 300 awards for his intricately designed jewelry. With a heritage of the white-buffaloComanche and Navajo influences from his wife’s family, White Buffalo’s began his career in silver-smithing in the early 1970’s.

Over the next two decades, White Buffalo gained recognition for his masterfully designed works, which include a bicentennial piece in the Smithsonian Institute. In 1976 his designs captured Best of Indian Market in Santa Fe and he has won in every category at the Gallup Indian Ceremonial.

In the 1980s, White Buffalo was honored the title Grand Master of Silver by the world’s largest silver refiner, Handy & Harmon. In the 1990’s, White Buffalo was invited to participate in the DeBeers International Diamond Competition with some of the best jewelers in the world. Recently, White Buffalo celebrated his 45th anniversary of working with silver and gold. His son Al Perez is now his right-hand man, making it five generations of silver-smithing in his family.