Vintage Navajo Weaving: Red Mesa with Chickens, c.1910-1920, 46″x80″


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Red Mesa with Chickens

This Vintage Navajo Weaving is a ‘Red Mesa with Chickens’ Circa 1910-1920’s. The weaver is unknown due to the date in which is was woven. The weaving is 46 inches x 80 inches.

Red Mesa

Red Mesa rug history begins in the late 1800’s when Navajo wearing blankets were transitioning to Navajo rugs.  Sharply moving away from the simplicity of Navajo chief blanket weavings during the Classic Period (1650’s to 1870’s), the introduction of an almost endless palette of commercial dyes and pre-dyed yarn colors laid the foundation for bold new expressions in Navajo weaving in general and Red Mesa rugs in particular.

Most typically, the Red Mesa weaving design consists of a line of chevrons running down the vertical middle of the weaving surrounded by radiating serrated diamonds.  The most extreme eye dazzler effect is created by laying a line of contrasting color against a lighter or darker color.  The border of Red Mesa rugs will appear to come in from each of the vertical sides to meet the outward radiating pattern.