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Chili Rose Beadz

Chili Rose Beadz founder, Adonnah Langer is a shamanic artist, spiritual counselor and group leader. Her love of weaving, color, and beaded jewelry, as well as her appreciation for cowboy and Native American art is instantly apparent in her jewelry design.

Her Lebanese, Irish, French, and Navajo ancestry results in unique design sensibilities combining European tapestries with Middle Eastern and Native American rug designs.

Langer’s beaded bracelets are hand made using intricate weaving techniques, which take many hours to create and produce. Her work combines fire polished Czech beads, Japanese delica, seed beads, brass, pearls, and semi-precious gemstones to create complex and unique textured bracelets. She designs the gold and sterling claps, which are set with semi-precious stones.

Her bracelets are distributed nationally by Peyote Bird Designs of Santa Fe.