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Coco’s Bangles are a collaboration between stone sculptor and jewelry designer, Somers Randolph, and his daughter Coco, who had the idea of taking vibrant, natural materials and combining them in a chic stylish way to create beautiful bangles.

With videos banned, on a cross country trip in 2012, nine year old Coco turned her focus to crafts, and after stops at small-town stores for supplies, she began winding the beads that would lead to Coco’s Bangles.

Today, each bangle is handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico using eco-certified green materials.

A Portion of Your Purchase Goes to Charity
A portion of all Coco’s Bangles sales are donated to charities that reflect the concern Coco has for animals and the environment. These include:

The May Center and The Heart and Soul Sanctuary of New Mexico