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Ira Custer

Ira Custer, a full-blooded Navajo from Manuelito, New Mexico was born to the Todich ii nii (Bitter Water) clan for the Naaneesht ezhi (Charcoal Streaked) clan in July of 1964. Custer now resides at Defiance, New Mexico near Gallup.

His background in silversmithing came from his parents, Benny and Emily Custer and from his grandparents. He has taken the traditional aspects of silversmithing and combined them with his cultural values and instilled them into each piece of art he creates. Sandcasting has become his specialty. He enjoys working with the traditional patterns of sandcasting handed down from generations of family silversmiths and also creating his own unique designs. Custer also likes working with contemporary platework.

An active member of the SWAIA, IACA, American Indian Council and the Inter-Tribal Ceremonials Association, Custer has served as a jewelry judge on various shows.

Custer has received many awards and his pieces can be found in many fine galleries and museums across the North and Southwestern United States and Europe.